Debio-Sql by 2018-04-21

Call of testers! Remember that we need testers to make it stable and work fine,

So report Bugs, Screen shots, or bad behaviors to MaMrEzO[at]GMail[dot]Com or any one of social networks that we are on. Or you can one of our testers team, Let us know you, Send mail to us with above Mail address. We will send you every build in private, So you can test it before every release!


Download links:

Changes in 0.85.3 release:

New features:

  • Exception Alter
  • Views: Browse Data / Alter
  • Tigers: Activate / Deactivate / Comment trigger code
  • Sequence (Generator): Set Value / New Sequence
  • Editor: Execute SQL code with Auto DDL added(Shift + F7)

Bug fixes

  • Indexes: Prevent duplicate entries on load
  • Stored procedures: DDL will shown correctly
  • Code completion: Problem in (Variables, Input parameters, Returns)
  • Main tree: On refresh database metadata, Sequence node remains and new ones add!
  • Fetching data to grid: Reading blob fields
  • Client library: Advise base of platform in Machine(Add/Properties) dialog
  • Check for entries in the Machine(Add/Properties) dialog before save, Server / Localhost properties advise on the Client library
  • Apply changes to Machine/Database after change without need to close and reopen the DSql
  • Execute Sql code in popup window Sql editor(Windows platform)
  • Clear data grid for empty recordset after close one of

Next milestones

  • Fixing bugs, If we find or you report it!
  • Provide separated connection and connection library
  • Master password for storing the password of connections
  • Dependency chart
  • Copy table wizard between connections
  • User management
  • Create/Alter Tables graphically
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