Debio-Sql is a new Database GUI tool for the Firebird RDBMS,
Cross platform, Lite and efficient!
Code completion, Object finder, Syntax highlighter with customization,
User/Portable Mode,

Work with FB 2.x And FB 3.x Api.
Embedded connection support.
Altering the Stored procedures and the Functions(FB 3.x).
Release binaries in (Linux x86_64 Gtk2/3 Qt4/5 , Win32/64) for every version, (XOS will be added in future versions).

See Current Version for Download and Featurse


  • Code completion
  • Syntax highlighter with customization
  • History on executed queries/scripts
  • Firebird 2.x/3.x
  • Native Cross platform
  • Smart select on aliases(Selectable database objects)
  • Run In User-Mode or Portable
  • Embedded Support

Future features:

  • Backup/Restore
  • Graphical Relations with chart
  • User Manager with Privileges
  • Create/Alter Tables with graphical tool
  • Graphical query builder
  • Copy Database (Meta-data/Content) with graphical wizard between two databases
  • Developed with the FreePascal and the Lazarus.
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